About Us

HK DYF INT’L HOLDING GROUP LIMITED(hereinafter referred to as DYF Group) was founded in January, 2011, with a registered capital of RMB 581 million and currently with a total asset of HKD 100 billion under its management. It is a large-scale transnational integrated asset management group rooted in the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, specializing in businesses including financial investment and investment management. With the “Value Investment Methodology with Classical Oriental Philosophy” created by Mr. Sui Guangyi as the core technology and driven by the industries of “Finance+Culture”, DYF Group has adopted such capital management approaches as acquisition, merger and recapitalization to carry out its magnificent business layout. It aims at providing professional and unique financial services for our investors and becoming one of the largest, the fastest growing, and the most competitive and innovative transnational enterprises. At present, DYF Group has controlling interest of and equity participation in the companies listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, including Hua Yin International Holdings Limited(00989.HK), New Concepts Holding Limited(02221.HK), etc., and also has equity participation in the companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Mainland China,including Tianma Bearing Group Co.,Ltd.(002122), etc.