Corporate Culture


HK DYF INT’L HOLDING GROUP LIMITED, an enterprise grounded in traditional Chinese culture, is a professional operator in the game of industrial capital. DYF GROUP takes the “Value Investment Methodology with Oriental Classical Philosophy ” created by Mr. Sui Guangyi as the guiding theory. From the traditional Chinese culture, Mr. Sui Guangyi drew on the ethos of “Selflessness, Altruism, Concentration, Trustworthiness” as the corporate culture of DYF GROUP.

The corporate culture based on the good traditions has played a significant role in leading and supporting the reform and development of DYF GROUP, which is crucial for it to overcome difficulties and move forward. In order to foster and practice the socialist core values and actively adapt to the requirements of the market-oriented and international development, DYF GROUP will continue to innovate and develop its corporate culture on the basis of carrying on the good traditions, to make contributions to the promotion of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, and to uphold the development concept of win-win cooperation, thereby making itself constantly grow and expand, while also bringing benefits to all of our stakeholders.

Under the integrated mode of “Culture+Finance”, DYF GROUP sticks to taking the people’s desire for a better life as its direction of development and commits to providing more advanced concepts, superior goods and considerate services for our clients and contributing to the development of financial investment, cultural tourism and wellness industries. By integrating the 5000-year traditional Chinese culture into the forming of our corporate culture, DYF GROUP is on a mission to become an “Oriental International Investment Bank” and let the game of capital and cultural inheritance yield brilliant results.

Vision & Mission

Corporate Vision

To be the world's most influential institution of industrial capital and cultural innovation

Corporate Spirit


Corporate Mission

Develop Industry to Serve People
Make Benefits Available to the Public

Management Philosophy

Dao Follows What It Is
Govern through Non-action